Green House Rotates To Face The Sun


This environmentally friendly home spins to always allow sunshine inside to keep it warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

Rolf Disch, designed the house that collects solar energy by following the sun all day. The entire house rotates on a central axle. Triple-glazed glass is used on one side of the house to maintain warm temperatures and uses super-insulation to do the opposite for the hot summer months.

Not only is the indoor air regulated to comfortable temperatures but there are solar vacuum tubes that will heat the water using the sun. Extraordinarily, the home makes more energy than it uses. Imagine that feat.



16 Responses to “Green House Rotates To Face The Sun”

  1. interesting, how much would it cost? Is the whole house powered by just solar energy?

  2. oh ya, may I ask how did you integrate mybloglog into your commenting system to display the profile pics?

  3. Its dream time. Another rich bastard showing off.

  4. Very innovative!
    Interesting concepts on your page, although it’s too bad we do not utilize more of the suns energy. Water + mirror = simple heat & electrical power. Lets all push for more of this!

  5. “Extraordinarily, the home makes more energy than it uses.”

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account the energy used to make the house.

  6. Truly a wonderful idea,I have seen others and each time I am more impressed.If there are more interior shots; they would enhance the overall article.

  7. Just a thought, Isn’t it interesting, that this is a house of dreams. Not a house the the average Joe could ever afford. I am tired of seeing these rich mans houses, but more imporatant, I would like to see and be impressed with a house that I could afford.

  8. I don’t mean to shoot everyone down but solar energy is still extremely inefficient and expensive. Current solar cells reach a fundamental limit at about 30% efficiency. It also costs about 5 times more than coal power.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t push for cleaner energy but current solar cell technology is probably not the way to do it.

    By the way all the facts are cited to Professor Giannelis at Cornell, I didn’t make them up.

  9. Interesting. And even if solar cells aren’t the most efficient, I still think this is a great step.

  10. the economical effects of this stucture is insufficent to the cause of global warming, and shall never fix our disastorous effects of our horrible and unruly pollution. this contrast between right and wrong can eventually destroy our humble planet, and all of our species with it.

    peace to the sun, the moon and uranus
    if you have any comments on this subject please reply to

  11. Swett that must be an expensive house but less bills to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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